About us

We are Glasgow Greens. Innovative hydroponic production methods allow us to grow countless numbers of microgreens, edible flowers and culinary herbs all year round. We deliver to consumers, restaurants and shops across the city by bike. Creating the tastiest, freshest, pesticide-free greens for the people of Glasgow.

When growing plants comes to mind, one will generally imagine plants with their roots growing in soil. However, at Glasgow Greens we do things differently. We use hydroponics to grow our greens, using water as the medium to grow plants, rather than soil. This allows us to control the growing operation, maximising the use of space. Our growing equipment utilises multiple vertical levels for plants to be grown in, turning what is typically a two-dimensional process (such as plants growing in a field) into a three-dimensional process. 

In addition to hydroponics, the use of an indoor facility to grow plants allows for the control of environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, which would usually be under the control of mother nature herself – this is called Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). 
For more information on how we developed our indoor hydroponic setup, please check out our Blog. Or for more pictures check out the Gallery.

At Glasgow Greens, we are passionate about local food, engineering & innovation and creating awareness around healthy food choices. When we set out on our journey in March 2020, we had no idea the impact we would have across Glasgow. Our microgreens can be found from Milngavie to Pollok, and from Dennistoun to Partick.
We’re proud to bring our range of nutrient dense & spectacular tasting food to the people of Glasgow – be it hot n spicy or cool n crunchy, or maybe even tangy n garlicky, Glasgow Greens has it covered.

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