Happy Birthday to us

Because we are officially one year old (!) I’ve decided to take a look through the archives and tell the story of Glasgow Greens. We’ve been extremely quiet since last year but trust us we’ve been working hard in the background! Stay tuned for updates coming soon.
Following up from our previous blog post The Unit Search and the long quest to find our home, the business was formed in February 2020 and our first batch of super tasty microgreens went out the railway arch doors a few months later.

It all started with our 600 sq ft. unit in Tradeston. A cold, damp railway arch underneath Glasgows central line.

Nonetheless it was a solid base, some hard graft and a bit of TLC later we soon had the place cleaned up.

Once the unit was cleaned up the next stage was building the hydroponic farm itself.
So off we went down to Liverpool to see our good friends at Farm Urban who ever so kindly gave us a lend of some equipment.
Andrew and I rented a van and made the trip down south.

Farm Urban and their Greens For Good campaign check it out here.

Always a pleasure to chat with the team at Farm Urban and it’s fair to say we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.
Once we’d caught up over a coffee (in a time before social distancing) we loaded up the van and headed back to Dear Green Glasgow.

Equipment secured and unit prepared, we set about creating our indoor farm.

Then, in the middle of all this, covid struck, we were left confused and unsure if we would continue the business. After much deliberation we decided we had to see it through,
We bought our first batch of seeds, soaked them overnight and sowed them the morning after. The results were incredible! Our little seeds shot off the mark and filled us with plenty confidence.

Fast forward a couple weeks and we had our very first crop – we were now officially farmers.

Little did we know what the following year would bring. 100s of batches later and our microgreens are known all over Glasgow. Despite the challenges of covid we have been overwhelmed by the support of Glaswegians, from Shawlands to Kelvingrove and Dennistoun to Mount Florida, we couldn’t have had a better first year.

We look forward to sharing with you our plans for 2021 and beyond. Maybe we’ll let you all in on our big secret in the next blog post…..

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